AeSha’s vision to work as a grassroots lab informs its approach towards its three sites: 

Bhatti Mines is a colony of erstwhile miners, with a high population of daily-wage earners and single mothers. AeSha’s centre at Bhatti mines works towards entrepreneurship for governance and neighbourhood development. In this endeavour, AeSha has helped establish multiple nano-businesses run by women and facilitated project management support for infrastructural development of roads, water pipelines, crematorium and a women’s market. 

The Seemapuri centre carries the approach of attempting group-based entrepreneurship for neighbourhood development. AeSha is working with the waste pickers community where it is undertaking projects on the idea of alternative livelihoods for women through a pickle-making business and an incense-stick enterprise. In collaboration with research institutes and organisations, AeSha is engaging in thought leadership and advocacy for women waste pickers.  

The centre in Yamuna Vihar, North East Delhi carries professional learning as its focal area with single mothers and first-generation women learners. It includes a space for a beauty studio, vocational training programmes, stitching and tailoring work, coaching classes for school students, life skills and computer training. The attempt with this centre is to try out models where women can explore entrepreneurial opportunities through micro-innovations

Each of the three centres represents our vision of building sustainable work cultures that enable women to lead, thrive, and create shared spaces guided by the ethos of community.

Research and advocacy

Our approach of going after grassroots insights is a commitment to lived experiences of people guiding our research.

So far, this has enabled us to understand:

  • Women’s approaches to entrepreneurial work in low-income settlements.
  • Realities of work for single mothers, women waste workers, first-generation learners and daily wage workers.
  • The psychosocial needs of women and their families for developing holistic community-based interventions. 
  • Strategies women adopt for the transformation of neighbourhood character. 
  • Advocacy for and by women in local governance bodies and community-led models in urban slums and villages.


Our efforts are anchored in grassroots to:  

  • Cultivate spaces where women drive and take ownership of grassroots governance. 

  • Foreground community perspectives, needs and desires to support policy practitioners.

  • Work with local community groups and organisations to foster sustainable development in their neighbourhood.

  • Consult organisations vested in agency driven livelihood generation and entrepreneurial work.

  • Inform policy insights for grassroots-centred governance models.

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