AeSha for Friendships Foundation is working towards gender justice and social development. We are running three projects in different sites across Delhi NCR with a diverse stakeholder base. Our community-driven projects are running in North-East Delhi, Old Seemapuri, and Bhatti Mines.

Communities that we are working with include stakeholders coming from difficult economic, social, and political backgrounds. They include Single Mothers, Women Waste-pickers, Women Artisans, First Generation Learners, Women Urban Farmers, and Rural Women Entrepreneurs coming from difficult socio-economic and political circumstances.

As an organisation, we believe in the ethos of collaboration, solidarity, transparency, diversity, and ethical decision-making. This ethos constitutes the foundational basis of our donor programs and knowledge partnerships.

AeSha’s organizational efforts are directed towards the following verticals:

  1. Livelihood generation
  2. Educational Assistance
  3. Psycho-Social Health
  4. Research-based Advocacy

We welcome individuals and organisations to help us develop each of these verticals through knowledge partnerships and financial contributions directed towards specific project goals.

We at AeSha rely on crowd-sourced funds and organisational grants to run our community programs. We are a not-for-profit organisation registered as a Section 8 entity under the Companies Act, 2013.

Individuals, civil society groups, and organisations looking to collaborate and support AeSha are welcome to make donations towards strengthening our community-driven efforts. We also welcome and encourage donors to directly connect with individual stakeholders or any project-specific domains.

If you are interested in collaborating and supporting AeSha’s community-driven efforts, please connect with us at